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Factory Tour Package

Package #1 - Factory Tour & Demonstration Package

Full Half Hour Episode on Defense-TV  $46,500 USD

Each half hour episode includes 4 separate segments.  Each segment is approximately 6 minutes in length.  This gives the company enough time to satisfy the needs of the particular buying agency in each phase of the buying process. 

(Review information below - Video is Key to Weapon Systems Acquisitions)

Here is a suggest outline of each segment in the half hour episode:

• Segment 1 - Open the segment in the field showing a brief demonstration of weapons capabilities.  The segment continues with a general overview of the company to include background of key personnel, company history and capabilities.

• Segment 2 - Factory tour of capabilities.  Interview engineers about technology and science involved.  Animations of weapons capabilities and a brief overview of manufacturing process.  

• Segment 3 - Different applications of weapons systems.  Use of video and animations to illustrate the different applications, uses and advantages of system.

• Segment 4 - Back in the field for additional weapons demonstrations, uses, training and capabilities.  Contact information. Drive the viewers to a website to learn more information.

Package Includes All of the Following:
All Production, Shooting, Editing, Graphics and Animations in Full HD.
Airing of your half hour episode twice on Defense-TV™ (received by over 3 million military types and commanders in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East)

Downloadable HD links to your segments.An unlimited License to use for any marketing initiatives you have or to re-purpose to perspective clients and on your website.
All Segments are also included in our monthly electronic edition of Defense-TV which lands right on the desktop of over 88,000 who have subscribed to include: Area Commanders, Defense Agencies, DOD, Central Command, European Command, Indo-Pacific Command, Northern Command, Southern Command, Special Operations Command, Strategic Command and Transportation Command.   Here is an example of the monthly electronic edition of Defense-TV:

Defense Television Digital Edition - Winter 2020 Edition

Package #2 - Factory Tour & Demonstration Package

2 Full and Separate Half Hour Episodes on Defense-TV  $85,500 USD

Video is Key to Weapon Systems Acquisitions

Military analysts indicate that under the threat-based approach is most common in the weapons acquisition process.  Each country's military branch identifies a threat, and in response to the threat they then seek and acquire independent weapons to meet that threat.  In addition, the shift to a capabilities-based approach is

also used to promote a more collaborative method of identifying capability

gaps across military branches instead of each service developing its own

response.  As a result of this process, weapon systems are developed jointly

among services.  The key to the entire process is video of the weapon system

in action and the manufacturer's capabilities.

Generally, most country's weapons acquisition system uses a “phase-approach” to

oversee and manage weapon systems acquisition. Each phase serve as a series of

gates that must be passed through before the program can proceed to the next phase

of the acquisition process.  To pass a phase, a program must meet specific requirements and be deemed ready to proceed to the next phase of the acquisition process.

There are three primary phases in the acquisition process:
• Phase 1 - Initiates technology maturation and risk reduction (looking at technology through animations and science).
• Phase 2 - Seeing weapons technology in action (video of actual weapons tests).
• Phase 3 - Manufacturer's Capability (video of factory tour).

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