American Outdoors' Top Ten Companies To Do Business With, the only national award honoring businesses who have a world-class ethic for business practices, quality products and employee recognition.    American Outdoors believes there is a direct correlation between a happy workforce and a quality product.   For the past 14 years, our Top Ten Award has recognized the American worker for their job well done through their company which has created a workplace conducive to quality craftsmanship. 


"We come in contact with hundreds of companies each year who are committed to excellence and providing a great environment to foster the development of great products," says Executive Producer, Bill Rogers.   "That's why it makes it such a difficult process each year to boil this long list of great companies down into a manageable top ten list.  We salute all of these companies and the American workers who make this country strong."


American Outdoors is honored to recognize the following companies in the United States, companies that are proactive in creating a better workplace and have a commitment to quality products.


1.  C Products Defense       

2.  American Spirit Arms    

3.  The Bullet Bunker          

4.  Cutting Edge Bullets      

5.  Fort Knox Gun Safes      

6.  Bond Arms                        

7.  Bulls Bags                         

8.  Nightforce Optics           

9.  Mendota Products         

10. MEC Shotshell Reloaders 


The Awards ceremony and presentation takes place every year during Shot Show at American Outdoors annual Night at the Shooting Range event, scheduled this year for January 15, 2014.


          A Company is only as good as its employees.