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American Outdoors Press Release May 1, 2024
American Outdoors Reflecting on a Legacy of
50+ Years of Broadcasting with a New Message:
Live Life and Get Outdoors!

American Outdoors, the oldest outdoor television show in America, proudly announces our new campaign, Live Life and Get Outdoors!  Celebrating over 5 decades of delivering the spirit of outdoor adventure to millions of viewers, American Outdoors remains committed to its founding principles of outdoor adventures and leaving Mother Nature better than how we find her.

As we announce this new campaign, which was created by my wife Joanne, it's time to take a moment and reflect on the incredible journey that brought us to where we are today,” said Bill Rogers, Executive Producer and co-host of American Outdoors.  “As a husband, father, grandfather and outdoor veteran, I’ve always known that the Great Outdoors has a medicinal power beyond what we give it credit for.  No matter if it was playing football with the family, biking across the country with our children, on-expedition in the Amazon Jungle or surviving a 32 degree glacial dive in Iceland, I've learned in communing with Mother Nature, one receives far more than he seeks," adds Rogers.

"As I mentioned earlier, my wife first came up with the expression, Live Life and Get Outdoors, when we were discussing the sedentary childhood lifestyle of some of our grandchildren and the children in our neighborhood.   She exclaimed, they need to Get Outside and Live Life as our children did," shared Rogers.  "My wife knew all too well that getting some sunshine, playing in the dirt and having fun as a kid was much healthier than the beeps and explosions of video games and television."    Without these bells or whistles, beeps or whirs to distract us, being surrounded by nature can help your mind shift into your “neutral” gear, one that is more focused and attentive on what surrounds you.

Right at Our Fingertips
"Just think about it, right at our fingertips we have a remedy with no known side effects that will improve your mental and physical health.  In fact, recent studies have found that nature has the power to enhance your mental health as well as your sense of well-being, at virtually no cost and without adverse side effects," shares Rogers.

Many studies have found that being in a natural environment, versus a busy or urban environment results in increased short term memory. For example, researchers found that walking in a garden setting boosted scores on memory tests nearly 20% more than in individuals who walked down a city street.  

Echoing these same findings, researchers found that simply relaxing did not have the same kind of beneficial effect when concentrating that being in nature did.  In their study, the researchers separated participants into three groups, with the goal of testing their ability to focus. One group was asked to relax, one group took a walk in nature and one group took a walk in a city.  After the tasks were completed, the researchers tested each group on a concentration test and the nature group had the highest scores overall.

More About American Outdoors
With a rich pedigree of outdoor adventures dating back a half century, American Outdoors been giving our viewers a personalized and immersive outdoor experience since the late 1960's.  Dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle and conservation of our planet, American Outdoors urges everyone to "Live Life and Get Outdoors!"   American Outdoors can be seen on the American Outdoors Channel on Roku and the USA-TV Network on Roku.   You can learn more at:

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