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Press Release

Press Release - For Immediate Release
February 19, 2024
First Responder-TV Announces: Official Watch of First Responder-TV

(Conklin, NY) Law Enforcement needs a rugged, durable watch that can take a beating. It must be as tough as their job description and accurate as the law demands. 

"In our quest for such a watch, First Responder-TV spent a year evaluating and testing candidates for such a timepiece.  Although we found many good watches, all fell short except for Protek Watch and it is without reservation that we have named ProTek Watch as the Official Watch of First Responder-TV," stated Anthony Rogers, Police Officer and Executive Producer of First Responder-TV.

We know that there's hundreds of thousands of law enforcement types who watch First Responder-TV and depend on their gear reviews, so this is quite an honor," states Barry Cohen, Managing Partner of ProTek Watches.


A police officer must be able to see the time at a glance

for those situations when every split second counts. It

needs to be reliable and accurate for paperwork.

Stealthiness is a good feature to look for.

Most law enforcement jobs aren’t the highest paying,

but First Responder-TV has found the best watch on

the market that won't break the bank of the local law

enforcement no matter if it's to protect and serve on

or off the job.


With ProTek, it's because of things like a 10 Year Battery, a Swiss self-powered ProGlo illumination system which is 100X brighter than conventional lume and glows continuously for 25 years without a need to be "charged" by an external light source.   That coupled with cases made of Carbon Composite, 316L Stainless Steel or Titanium with Screw-on Embossed Casebacks, with Multiple O-Rings, Sapphire Crystals with Antireflective Coating, Water Resistant up

to 300 Meters (depending upon model) and the Best

Looking Watch on the Planet, makes it our choice for

being The Official Timepiece of First Responder-TV.

For viewers of First Responder-TV, you can own your

own ProTek Watch with an unpublished, exclusive 20%

off the retail price of a ProTek Watch by entering the

code: WATCH20 when ordering on their


With over 28 different models to choose from, you can wear The Official Watch of First Responder-TV with one that meets your specific needs.    

We believe this is the best and most rugged watch for Police Officers, First Responders and all of our everyday heroes on the front-line helping to protect our communities.

Officer Anthony Rogers, Executive Producer
First Responder-TV
(607) 595-0477

Barry Cohen
ProTek Watches
(415) 924-4952

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