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              The AOTV Network

The AOTV Television Network is a family of television shows dedicated to educational, informative and wholesome entertainment.   These shows are available to over 60 million viewers on the digital channels of Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Television can make a positive contribution to society through quality programming.   Our hope is that our television shows will reinforce family values and inspire, enrich, and enlighten viewers.

We believe the face of the television viewing landscape will change dramatically in the next couple of years.  Already, with the advent of Digital Channels, DVR's, Smart-TV's and Set-Top Devices, Americans have taken back the control of the viewing in the lives and are no longer slaves to time-slot TV.  To keep pace with technology, the AOTV Network is leading the way making our programming available through both conventional Television and Digital Channels.

You can learn more about our television shows through their websites:

•  American Outdoors

​•  Technology Today

•  History of the Gun

•  Welcome Home

•  The Greater Binghamton Business Showcase

•  The Greater Cincinnati Business Showcase

• Gear Reviews

•  Cycle America

•  Culinary Quest

•  The Geekery View

•  Construction Edge

Digital Channels - 60 Million Viewers
Our Own Digital Network on
Amazon Fire TV and Roku.
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