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Press Release - For Immediate Release
February 10, 2023
American Outdoors Announces: Handgun of the Year for 2023 - BRG-USA

(Conklin, NY) Our much-awaited decision and announcement for Handgun of the Year was solidified at Shot Show 2023 when we visited a company that had impressed us last year and had continued to innovate - BRG-USA.

As soon as we saw what BRG-USA had done with their BRG9 Elite, we knew it was a top contender for our Handgun of the Year," stated Bill Rogers, Executive Producer of American Outdoors. "And after close examination and firing it on the range it quickly took our top spot.  The BRG9 ELITE Gen2 - by BRG-USA in Findlay Ohio, builds on the success of its BRG9 ELITE, which we first experienced Shot Show Range Day in 2022.  The Gen2 boasts a True Ambidextrous Slide Release, an Enhanced Grip Pattern, an 18 Round Magazine, Bold Stylization and is Optic-Ready.  We also found the Perfect Touch Slide Release to be very responsive when dropping a mag for a quick reload.”


Shooters can learn more about the BRG9 Elite Gen2 through an interview that American Outdoors conducted with BRG-USA at Shot Show 2023:

"Our BRG9 Elite Gen2 is a culmination of building

on the success of our BRG9 Elite and listening to

our end users," commented BRG-USA's President,

Ken Cooper.  "We've designed the gun with a very

crisp trigger so you don't need a trigger upgrade,

it's an amazing trigger experience.  Coupled with

our patented dual-stage captive recoil spring inside

the gun, eats up any recoil and makes it easy to get

back on target, with very little muzzle flip and

makes the gun a whole lot of fun to shoot."  

"It's with great pleasure that we recognize BRG-USA's BRG9 Elite Gen2 as our Handgun of the Year for 2023," stated Rogers. "This is one of the most innovative and fun-to-shoot handguns we've seen hit the market in a long time and they are well deserving of the award."

It's an honor and a privilege to receive the Gun Of The Year Award from American Outdoors," stated Ken Cooper.   It gives us even more reason to continue to innovate and introduce new technology in future models.  We would like to thank all of our BRG9 Elite gun owners for making this gun a true success."

For details, and to see or purchase BRG-USA's BRG9 Elite Gen2, visit their website at:

Ken Cooper
BRG USA (Buffalo Cartridge Company)
1701 Broad Avenue
Findlay, OH  45840
(567) 301-2145

Bill Rogers, Executive Producer
American Outdoors
(607) 595-0477

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