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Press Release - For Immediate Release
February 15, 2024
American Outdoors Announces: The Official Watch of American Outdoors

(Conklin, NY) After much testing, vetting and evaluation, American Outdoors, the oldest outdoor television show in America, has named ProTek Watch as the Official Watch of American Outdoors.

As soon as we saw the Protek Watch lineup, we knew it was a top contender for our Official Watch of American Outdoors," stated Bill Rogers, Executive Producer of American Outdoors. "And after close examination and vetting and testing it for over a year, we knew we had the watch that would stand up to the rigors of our Outdoor Adventures.  This new no-excuses watch brand has a rich DNA of Tritium Illuminated Tactical Watches, built to handle what life demands, in any environment.


Outdoor adventurers can learn more about the Protek Watch lineup in the interview segment filmed at Shot Show 2024:

"We're honored and excited to be the Official

Watch of American Outdoors," commented

Barry Cohen, Managing Partner of ProTek

Watches.  "We've designed our watches for

specifically this type of use."  


Every Protek Watch is equipped with Tritium

Illumination that never needs charging and will

last for 25 years.

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"It's with great pleasure that we endorse Protek Watch and it's an honor to wear one on my wrist," states Rogers.


"This is truly a watch of heirloom quality which I can hand down to my children and grand children. 


It is without any reservations that I recommend ProTek to all of our viewers," added Rogers.

It's an honor and a privilege to be working with American Outdoors," stated Barry Cohen.   It gives us even more reason to continue to innovate and introduce new technology in future models to better serve Outdoor Enthusiasts and First Responders everywhere."

For details, and to see or purchase a Protek Watch, visit their website and use code WATCH20 for 20% off at:

For over 50 years, American Outdoors has been bringing you never-before-seen video back from our adventures, expeditions and operations from some of the most challenging environments in the world.  We needed a watch that would stand up to rigors of extreme weather, animal encounters and going on the occasional 32 degree glacial dive.  ProTek Watch has met those challenges and more.   In our opinion, this is the toughest and most specifically designed watch for the outdoorsman than any other watch in the world.

We have tested, challenged and vetted the ProTek Watch line against all of the other outdoor-watch-wannabes and found it to be far more robust than any other watch we tested.   And that's because all "outdoor watches" are not created equal.  

That's because of things like a 10 Year Battery, a Swiss self-powered ProGlo illumination system which is 100X brighter than conventional lume and glows continuously for 25 years without a need to be "charged" by an external light source.   That coupled with cases made of Carbon Composite, 316L Stainless Steel or Titanium with Screw-on Embossed Casebacks, with Multiple O-Rings, Sapphire Crystals with Antireflective Coating, Water Resistant up to 300 Meters (depending upon model) and the Best Looking Watch on the Planet, makes it our choice for being The Official Timepiece of American Outdoors.

More Than Just An Accessory
You want a watch that will hold up to the rigors of outdoor living but you also want a watch that defines who you are.  ProTek is more than just an accessory, it's performing when you need it and defines who you are, no matter if it's on the trail or in the boardroom.   Always tough, always vigilant, a precision timepiece with the DNA of a fine watch.​

For viewers of American Outdoors, you can own your own ProTek Watch with an unpublished, exclusive 20% off the retail price of a ProTek Watch by entering the code: WATCH20 when ordering on their website.   With over 28 different models to choose from, you can wear The Official Watch of American Outdoors and receive 20% off when ordering direct from the ProTek website.   Order your watch and enter your 20% off code today: WATCH20 at:

Barry Cohen
ProTek Watches
(415) 924-4952

Bill Rogers, Executive Producer
American Outdoors
(607) 595-0477

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