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PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release
American Outdoors Sets Multiple Records for November 2020 Ratings
December 17, 2020

(Conklin, NY)  "Ratings for American Outdoors has drawn record numbers

of Men, Women and Households for the month of November on the

digital channels of Roku".  That announcement was made today by

Avant-Garde Production's CEO and Executive Producer, Bill Rogers.

For most television shows, November is the beginning of an audience growth leading up to the largest book which typically is during the month of February,” adds Rogers. “But our audiences numbers for November gave us blockbuster ratings, way beyond normal highs, even for February.

Rogers noted that the records were in part a byproduct of new and exciting content on the show and increased television viewing due to lock downs across America. American Outdoors is the oldest outdoor television show in America and is watched in all 50 states and in 25 out of 25 top DMA's.

American Outdoors airs on selected cable systems across America and digital channels as well. November episodes of American Outdoors on Roku drew record numbers of men, women, and households. Of the 48 million who subscribe to the show, American Outdoors in November 2020 averaged 3.1 million viewers in 1.4 million households with an average viewing time of 17 minutes. The demographics are skewed heavy towards women 35+ and men 45+ increasing 15.9% over the same period in November 2019.

American Outdoors also set several personal bests. "Saturday, November 14th was the highest ratings of any day in our network history," states Rogers. "We set a single-day best with a total of 182,000 viewers on one single day."

Avant-Garde Productions owns the American Outdoors Channel on Roku and produces a family of iconic television shows to include Welcome Home and Tech Today, both of which also experienced increased ratings during November. American Outdoors continues to expand their audience and add new and exciting content to their line-up.

With exciting new content and segments, and huge blockbuster numbers coming from November," adds Rogers, "We're excited to see what February brings.

Bill Rogers, Executive Producer
American Outdoors™
(607) 595-0477



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American Outdoors Audience Grows
Conklin, NY
September 14, 2020

America has made it through an extended period of social-distancing and shelter-in-place routines. The world is now a dramatically different place. It’s no secret that our society faces challenges that we have never seen before. However, in the 52 year history of our television show, we've learned that America is resilient, we proved it during 911 and during the recession of 2008, but this crisis is different.  America is ready to come out of hiding and American Outdoors has launched our Re-Open America program to help with the process.

The outdoors has provided solace to so many during this crisis. Unprecedented numbers of people are responsibly taking to the outdoors wherever they are permitted. One thing is for certain, the outdoors and its fresh air and sunshine will play a big role in our Nation's recovery. An entire new group of consumers are re-discovering the peace and joy of the outdoors and American Outdoors is expanding our audience to include this growing number of outdoor enthusiasts.

Effective Q3, in addition to airing to over 48 Million viewers on television and over our 36 Million subscribers on our own Roku Channel, American Outdoors is expanding our audience to over 138 Million Viewers in over 44 Million Television Households in the United States and over 8 Million viewers in Canada.

The Great Outdoors has become the best version of this "new social-distancing.” This comes at a time when businesses need to rebuild and these new consumers and viewers will be a great asset. There will most certainly be a "new normal" and these new viewers and consumers will be part of it. Our expanded footprint on American Outdoors will help you connect with these new enthusiasts as well as your old friends. Our expanded coverage will nurture them with new content and new series keeping them long into the future.

Right now, revenue is about generating new leads, retaining current clients and casting a wider net. This means you need to add new potential customers at a greater rate than you were doing before the crisis. These new leads will become the life's blood of your company.  American Outdoors is here to take your message to the masses and engage these new clients with your brand.  Engaging these new perspective clients and your current clients will build a strong and long-lasting relationship that will grow your business on the other side of this crisis.

The good news is that our investment in next-generation technology is producing content which has never been more robust, accessible and affordable. From creating the new 3D animated logo for large companies (like Disney and Boeing), to our factory tours and product videos for smaller companies, American Outdoors has  solutions to get America back on its feet.

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