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About Defense-TV
With a rich pedigree of Military Defense, and hosted by veterans, Defense TV is celebrating our 25th anniversary as a veteran-produced television show and one of the oldest military television shows in America.  Defense-TV reaches approximately 48 million viewers, in 22 million TV broadcast households in the United States and connects products, services and training with military commands across the United States.

Available To All U.S. Commands
Defense-TV is a top-ranking source of US Military Defense news, products and services and is available to all U.S. Commands, on Television and on Roku.   Defense-TV provides an ever-expanding lineup of Military news,  original content, factory tours and training provided to U.S. Defense channels.

Defense-TV - The Leader in Defense Reporting

Defense-TV is the authoritative, independent, professional news source for U.S. Military and Defense agencies with the latest news and analysis on products and technology.  Our television show has set the standard for accuracy, credibility and timeliness in defense reporting.   Defense-TV  provides up-to-date and essential coverage on breaking events and focused coverage of events, airing weekly, is television's all-defense news show.

Military Commands We Work With and What They Do.

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Defense TV Logo Alpha.png

Defense-TV is a production of American Outdoors - the oldest outdoor television show in America.

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